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     Following a comprehensive mailing to state Legislators regarding the danger that State Park Officers are experiencing in Michigan's state parks, and receiving no response, MSEA President Ken Moore filed a complaint with the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) on Friday, June 29, 2018.  During past summer seasons, State Park Officers have been called on to keep the peace during fights and riots in state parks which have resulted in arrests and injuries.  Incidents have included gang-related activity, drug and alcohol abuse, disorderly conduct, and a 100-person brawl.
    "These are just a few of the problems that State Park Officers have had to deal with, and the incidents are increasing in frequency and becoming ever more dangerous," said President Moore.  "Our State Park Officers are serving and protecting Michigan's citizens with insufficient training, improper tools, lack of equipment and inadequate backup.  What is it going to take for our officials to do something about this escalating situation?" 
    State Park Officers are commissioned Officers with powers and privileges bestowed upon them as a peace officer, but they are not issued a sidearm, taser, soft body armor, or proper communications equipment.  Yet they are expected to do the job of a typical city Police Officer.  
     "These safety issues not only affect our membership, but also the patrons of the parks," said President Moore.  "All patrons of Michigan parks should be assured of their safety as they enjoy the beauty of our great state.  Furthermore, we are not going to just stand by and let our State Park Officers be threatened, abused and put in dire peril.  MSEA represents 320 State Park Officers and we have filed a MIOSHA Complaint on their behalf." 

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